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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

1) download InstallMUMEOnlineMap.exe and run it

2) the Setup should run automatically. Press RUN to install drivers (no need to email me). If installation is completed, then exit the setup.

3) download the update" (full map).

4) Extract the contents of "" to ../where_you_installed_mapper/" folder and overwrite all.

5) delete MUMEOnlineMap.exe (old version) and rename "MUMEOnlineMapFree.exe"(updated version) to "MUMEOnlineMap.exe". Run it.

To test if it works, run on command prompt: telnet localhost 1001

Diamonium Dagamatri the Ambassador of Sauron

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Following the leader (name is case sensitive)
{_lead} -> you will move on map, when Diamonium moves.
In some extreme occasions(prespam) the map may stay behind or go wrong!
Do not take the map follow as way to salvation, but a helper..
JMC Example: #action {You now follow %0.} {_lead %0}

You can turn off descriptions when you map. See menu [View->Mapping description].
NB! Do not spam fast when you map, because then mapper will skip rooms.
I suggest you turn on [View->Portals] and [View->Fancy] when mapping,
because it will show invalid portals and skipped rooms.

NB! You can always edit the map pictures when you don't like them.
Example: to change the "small map" underground picture,
edit in folder "\map32x32\terrain_underground.bmp".

Mapping creates automatically portals between the rooms.
Active room portals are shown in bold. All rooms are now linked.
(portals with rooms next to each other are not shown)
You can mark any room as a road. See the Tools menu road icon.
The monster has now easy, hard and group of monsters icons.
Some room flags may have gone invalid, sorry :D!

{_time} -> shows all active timers
{_time5} -> starts or restarts timer named 'bless'
{_time5} -> deletes timer in slot 5
Timers 0-4 are fixed and shown with STATUS. Timers 5-20 are free.

JMC example:
#action {A blue transparent wall slowly appears around you.} {_time0 armour}
#action {Your magic armour is revitalized.} {_time0 armour}
#action {You feel less protected.} {_time0}

#action {You feel protected.} {_time1 shield}
#action {Your protection is revitalized.} {_time1 shield}
#action {Your magical shield wears off.} {_time1}

#action {You feel stronger.} {_time2 strength}
#action {The duration of the strength spell has been improved.} {_time2 strength}
#action {You feel weaker.} {_time2}

#action {You start glowing.} {_time3 sanctuary}
#action {Your aura glows more intensely.} {_time3 sanctuary}
#action {The white aura around your body fades.} {_time3}

#action {An energy begins to flow within your legs as your body becomes lighter.} {_time4 bob}
#action {The energy in your legs is refreshed.} {_time4 bob}
#action {Your legs feel heavier.} {_time4}

1) Download the MUME Online Map.
2) Run the downloaded executable.
- On any errors see the ERRORS section below.
3) The installer will copy the files by default to „C:\Program Files\MUME Online Map\”.
4) After the installer quits, "setup.exe" starts. This will install and test the components.
5) Download the UPDATE(if exists) and overwrite the files in the setup folder.
6) „manual.html” is located in the setup folder. Please read it before contacting me.

1) After successful installation start „MUMEOnlineMap.exe” alias MOM.
2) Start your client, example „JMC”,„PowTTY”, „ZMUD”, „Telnet” (no SSH support).
3) In your client(JMC example) type: „#connect localhost 1001”.
- „localhost” is the host address similar to „”
- „1001” is the port similar to MUME „4242”.
- If everything is ok, then this will connect the Client -> Map -> MUME and ask for your character name.
- If it says „#Couldn't connect” or similar error, then see section MOM CONFIGURATION.
- TYPE: „_help”, this should display MOM commands, confirming you are connected.
4) Log in and travel/pray to Bree or Fornost, because those areas are certainly mapped.
5) TYPE: „change colour all none”. Later you can change the colours as they were.
6) TYPE: „change colour look green”.
- Also verify that in MOM menu only „Set->Look foreground colour->GREEN” is checked. 7) TYPE: „change colour roomdescription white”. If you type „change colour” it should show:
- Also verify that in MOM menu only „Set->Description colour->WHITE” is checked.
- NB! If there is no „Description colour” menu option, then see section MOM CONFIGURATION.
- look green
- roomdescription white

8) TYPE: „_sync”. The map should move to where you are.
9) Move around using short moving commands „n” „s” „e” „w” „u” „d” and map will move.
- MOM listens only short directions. And all MOM commands start with „_”, example „_help”.
- Other directions like „south” are skipped by mapper and sent straight to MUME.
10) Please go read MUMEOnlineMap manual to learn how easy is to map and try fleeing!


All MOM settings are saved in the installed folder,
default „C:\Program Files\MUME Online Map\MOM.ini”.
Edit „MOM.ini” and you can change the hosts and port values in case of firewalls.
NB! Also you can change necessary colour codes, example „roomdescription”.

To stop taskbar blinking set menu „Set -> Client name” to your client name („jaba mud client”).

Possible missing components:
Microsoft Script 5.6 for Windows 2000/XP [download]
Windows Script 5.6 for Windows 98/ME/NT [download]

I changed my look background colour to black and look foreground is green, it still doesn't locate!

- MUME default look background colour is none not black. Set from menu look background colour to none.

If program reports that it is corrupted or installation/setup fails, then most likely:
- you lack the system rights to write or install programs (you need admin rights).
- you have corrupted or stolen map file.

MOM starts up, but the client doesn't connect to MUME:
- edit file "MOM.INI" and see that the parameter "systemroot=C:\\Windows" has correct drive name!
- start your firewall program and try to connect again, it may need your permission.
- with ZMUD, you need to create new MUD connection and edit the and .

1) Uninstall MOM running „MUMEOnlineMap.msi” again and choosing „Remove”.
2) Visit MOM homepage and download MOM again.
3) Reinstall MOM using installation guide
4) After installation DO NOT FORGET TO DOWNLOAD PATCH and overwrite old
5) Reboot and run MOM again. If that doesn't help, please e-mail me.

MUME Online Map 5.6 features
1) there is no more visibility limit – you can see everything!
2) you can run through portals in mapping mode
3) load and locate times are decreased
4) removed Windows registry dependance, created "MOM.ini" file
5) with some fiddling, MOM 5.5 works under Linux (under WINS)
6) new "_find " feature, what searches and displays rooms on map. Example „_find guild”.
7) [Edit->Update Mode] shows what rooms are mapped using new location system.
- When you map with [Update Mode] checked, only Roomname, Description and Terrain
is updated (f
lags and doornames are not updated).

The history of MUME Online Map
Everything started in june 2003. I was bored and decided to learn some Visual Basic. I never like to study without fabulous result, so I downloaded proxy components and started to write a MUME mapper. The rest is history.

The prototype map data was in MS Excel(06/2003). [Look MOM prototype]
The alpha version worked offline(06/2003). [Look MOM 1.0], [Look MOM 1.1]
The beta version worked online and had some graphics(06/2003). [Look MOM 2.0], [Look MOM 2.2]
The first public release was great, but load and save was slow!(08/2003) [Look MOM 3.0]
After 6 months of hardcore testing(mapping, exping, travelling and playerkilling)
the final version was done!(02/2004) [Look MOM 4.0]
Newer version have more features and better load times.

MUD - Multi Users In Middle Earth aka MUME A graphical map/radar for MUD players.

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